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Video Series

Snow White Camera Action

A keen vlogger, Ben often creates a series of videos whilst performing in shows to document the run.

Usually involving cast and crew in various setups, and often with his trademark silliness :-)

eWorld Cup of Legends.png

During the great pandemic lockdown of 2020, Ben turned his lifelong football and playstation obsession into the 'EWorld Cup of Legends'.  He invited 32 of his friends and family to be part of it, held an official team selection (via fb live), played out the entire tournament, commentated on it, and gave everyone the international football hit they were so needing.

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 14.25.20.png

He celebrated his Dad, Keith's 50th year in show business by dedicating an entire series to him.

Together they retraced footsteps to scenes of past Panto glory and interviewed some memorable faces along the way.

The Origins of Phrases.png

Together with long time pal Nick Murphy, they have created the "Origins of Phrases".  Focusing on the peculiarities of the English language, each episode sheds light on those phrases we mutter without giving it a second thought.

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